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Course of action


First, a comprehensive, individualized assessment is conducted to determine the areas of need for each client. Assessment includes both informal observation and formal, standardized testing. The parents, caretakers, and educators of the individual play a vital role in this initial step.


Once areas of need are identified, a treatment plan is developed to meet the unique needs of each client. Again, the parents, caretakers, and educators play an important role in working with the Speech Language Pathologist to develop a plan that meets the individualized needs of the client. Intervention is a complex process and often changes over time as the client develops new skills.

Parent Training/Follow Through

All clients are closely monitored throughout the treatment process until they are able to demonstrate functional skills in their activities of daily living. Educating parents and caregivers plays an important role in the generalization of newly acquired or rehabilitated skills. Clients will have access to seminars, literature, and/or in-home training in order to achieve the optimal benefits of intervention.